Jasmin Bayer als Teenager
Jasmin Bayer as a teenage girl

A girl that knew very early in her life what she wanted. She wanted to sing!
A woman to do exactly what her heart told her to do decades ago. Sing!
When looking back on the time passed, she admits, that not one single day should be missed. For every day is another tile to the mosaic of her personality, a gift and an experience.
Her lyrics and her music are a mirror of these years – are the essence of a colourful and rich life. They are her zest for life as well as her melancholy and sometimes grief and positive anger. And – this is only the beginning!
Jasmin Bayer.

Jasmin Bayer was born on 09/21/1960 in Pforzheim and raised in the south of Germany. As a girl and young woman she was a member of the school choir of the Theodor-Heuß-Gymnasium in Mühlacker where she got her first vocal education. In 1979 she finished high school with the Abitur  and started her business studies in Pforzheim.

As a young adult she worked very successfully with various modeling agencies in Germany, The Netherlands, Spain and Italy. Sie studied at the famous Lee Strasberg Theatre Institute in Los Angeles, U.S.A. She received an extensive training in acting, vocal education and musical. She shot various commercials and got cast for the motion picture “Shattered” by Wolfgang Petersen
In 1992 she was cast in Gabriel Barylli’s “What a wonderful world” playing the leading part next to actor Günther Franzmayer at the Hamburger Kammerspiele. After that she played the part of Ellen Lessing in the cult crime series “Der Alte” in the sequel “Der Schein trügt nicht”.
She then withdrew from the public and devoted herself to the raising of her three daughters.
In 2014 she met composer and pianist Davide Roberts, starting collaboration. Together they worked on their first compositions, played their first gigs in Munich. She founded her jazz formation Jasmin Bayer & Band with Davide Roberts (piano), Peter Tuscher (trumpet), Markus Wagner (bass) and Christos Asonitis (drums).
In 2016 she published her debut album “Summer Melodies” with Enja Records Matthias Winckelmann. Her second album “The Green Unicorn” ENJA Records was published 10/26/2018.